What is CheeksUp

It is a happiness for every parent to see their child growing and developing and one of the most important stages of child's development is learning to speak. Sometimes it happens naturally, but sometimes a help is needed. With special exercises the speech therapist helps to develop correct language.  However, to strengthen what was learnt at a doctor's appointment, it is very important to continue training at home. In this case CheeksUp will be a valuable tool.

CheeksUp is a game for children that helps to pronounce sounds correctly. So - also a help to speech therapists and parents. To use the game you only need a Windows and internet connection. It can be played either with graphic images or as a virtual interactive mirror if a computer has a camera. 


Application has more than 20 carefully formed face and tongue exercise templates that together with sound recordings will help to identify and repeat them. With the help of web platform, a speech therapist can record the sound exercise and within seconds it transforms into a voice of a rabbit. Therapist can then add sound stimulus and instructions, and organize these exercises into the necessary order, so the child can also train at home. 

The game works for sound positioning as well as learning the sound and automation isolated, in syllables and in words or no-words :). This program is a speech therapy helping tool. It makes the learning process more productive and effective., thank's to kids involvement and easy done quality homework.

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Benefits from CheeksUp game:

  • Children who are using CheeksUp game regularly can learn correct speech faster

  • The game can keep child's attention longer therefore acquired knowledge can be strengthened faster

  • More often movement repetition!

  • Bigger movement amplitude

  • Easy perceived visual template and stimulus for the position 

  • Easier to involve face-tongue movements

  • Positive emotions and natural interest


What do we offer?




If you don't have a speech therapist

We will help you to find certified speech therapist that suits your needs.

Or will provide audio speech therapist services from our team.  Private appointments are available in Riga (Latvia).

If you have a speech therapist but he doesn't know about CheeksUp we can also help in this case. We will create individual homework plans as requested by your therapist.

Bunny will help you

To the speech therapist, the game CheeksUp gives a possibility to improve therapy by providing quality homework for training pronunciation. 

Newly learned words, syllables or sounds, speech therapist together with the child records in web platform. Like that the rabbit learns the correct audio stimulus and visual example necessary  for the child. After a short moment recordings will be available for the client to use at home. 

For parents and speech therapists

In training, speech therapists will learn, how by using CheeksUp they can get the best results in sound speech correction.

If parents have difficulties with motivating their child, then at individual appointment working together with the child and analyzing issue, we will try to find the solution, how to keep exactly your child's interest and will make this learning experience not only productive, but also interesting for your child.