Q&A for speech therapists

What do I need to use CheeksUp?

CheeksUp application works on Windows computers with or without camera. CheeksUp WEB system for creating homework plans can be used also in smartphones and tablet that has Android operating system as well as on Windows computers.

Does CheeksUp also works on Apple (IOS)?

For now CheeksUp doesn't support IOS (Apple) smartphones and computers, but we are working on this and hopefully soon also those speech therapists that are using Apple, will be able to use our WEB tool.

How can I start using CheeksUp at my work?

To use CheeksUp at work, speech therapists need to attend a training seminar about CheeksUp system. We are organizing seminars once a month in Latvia. In seminars we introduce speech therapists with the system and are practically creating homework plans. In nearest future we will also offer webinars for those, who are not based in Latvia and can't come to seminar physically. The newest information about seminars you can find in our facebook page. If interested in webinars, please write us on facebook.

How to create a therapist's profile in the system?

The profile will be created in seminar. After it is done, therapist can start using CheeksUp WEB platform for making and assigning individual homework plans.