Q&A for parents

How can I start using CheeksUp?

To use CheeksUp for exercises at home, first of all you need evaluation from a speech therapist. He should be trained about CheeksUp system. We have already trained more than 50 speech therapists in Latvia, so ask your therapist about CheeksUp. If he hasn't done training, call us +37124943393

What to do, if I don't have my own speech therapist?

If you don't have a speech therapist, call us on +371 24943393 and arrange meeting with our specialist. We offer face to face as well as video consultations.

How to register child's profile?

The most convenient way to register your child in CheeksUp system is through our facebook page here. You can also do it after the consultation with our speech therapist.

When do I need to purchase membership?

After the profile is created, log in www.pilotweb.cheeksup.com. Find your therapist under the section THERAPISTS and send an invitation to connect. Once it's done, you can purchase membership. After the purchase, your profile will be activated and your child can start training at home with CheeksUp. Cooperation with speech therapist is very important as he will be the one, who will make and assign individual plans for your child. And of course, to get results, regular trainings at home are crucial.